Campaigning For Elections
Candidate pictures will be taken after school on March 29th.
Start Preparing

Candidate Profile

  Candidates are encouraged to prepare a 1-2 minute video that outlines their campaign and objectives. Since the video will be displayed on the website, candidates should be comfortable with their content being publicly viewed. In addition, candidates are asked to answer a few questions regarding their profile as well as to provide a headshot that will be used as the face of their campaign. The photo and profile will be displayed on the Student Government website for the student body to view.

Campaign Regulations

  At Burnaby North Secondary, we aim to ensure that our elections are as fair as possible. As such, we ask for all candidates to carefully review the regulations surrounding preparation and campaigns. In light of the Covid-19 guidelines, additional rules have been included. Any violation of these rules will result in disciplinary action and immediate disqualification.



Design appealing posters to support your campaign, and find locations to post your advertisements. Create or purchase any additional campaign material. Student Government offers time slots for candidates to borrow art materials. Click here to reserve a time.


Gather close friends and supporters to help boost your campaign platform. A large part of a candidate’s popularity comes from the word of mouth, so it is beneficial for candidates to recruit people to campaign on their behalf.


As Student Government members, we all have experience in campaigning and preparing for elections. We are here to support candidates throughout their journey and offer helpful advice for campaigning. Feel free to read our tips!

Election Week

Election Week will occur from April 12th - April 16th this year.


First day of campaigning. Come to school at 7:00AM to put up posters and banners around the school.


Continue to gather supporters and boost your campaign platform. Campaign videos will be available on the website.


Attend the presidential Q&A to get to know the presidential candidates and their visions for Student Government.


Final day of campaigning. Promote your platform and reach out to the student body one last time before voting begins.


Voting day. Ballots will be distributed to each classroom for students to vote using the ranked-voting system.

Election results will be announced in the morning on Tuesday, April 20th, 2021.